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Hospitality Systems
- Procurement
- RFP Processes
- Digital Transformation Planning

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Managing the introduction of new technologies

Introduction of new technology environments, or even partial replacement of a solution, can be demanding on resources.

Davis Aniston Stallard will support you through all stages of such changes.

Our services are bespoke for each client, but often include:

1.  Management of  the Requests For Information and/or Proposals (RFPs)

We will typically

- hold an internal kick-off meeting, formalising the goals and agreeing responsibilities from the various stakeholders,
- we will then collaborate with you in identifying the most appropriate candidate vendors,
- we will optionally construct an RFI document,

- help with a clear objective evaluation of each through a SWAT analysis,

- we will collaborate with all appropriate stakeholders on both your and your vendor(s) side,

- we will build the necessary RFP documents,

- manage both sides of the RFP responses and evaluation,

- supply you with a final recommendations report,

- optionally manage the signature process.


2. Overseeing the Implementation Process

After a vendor has been selected, one or more teams must align and collaborate for the implementation process to take place.

We undertake project management for implementations, ensuring that all sides collaborate and deliver as agreed

By using these services, hospitality venues

- enjoy an enhanced level of control of the processes that will affect their business for many years to come,

- maintain a high level of visibility of the process and component parts (and their complications), being able to identify problem areas early, and objectively (with independent attribution of causality) address and implement contingency strategies. In addition you

- are able to independently verify that promised deliverables are indeed part of the final package installed in your business.

For a confidential, no obligation discussion around our services, get in touch with us here.

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