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Project Management for Hospitality

We support hospitality venues with project management for hire.

Whether you are looking for hands-on agile, waterfall or hybrid methodology and processes, our pool of project managers is there to help you through any project that needs expertise, experience and precision.

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Project Management as a service

Working with us on project management, allows you to maintain your own, project-independent pool of subject matter experts.

Davis Aniston Stallard offers hospitality venues the option to maintain their own pool of project management experts, who in turn support you on every digital or process-related project at hand.

The reason why large technology organisations maintain their own pools of project managers, that they then share between projects, is the significant efficiencies that can be achieved by people who focus exclusively on delivering a project within scope.

By hiring our own project managers for distinct medium and short term projects you can achieve similar efficiencies.

- We only work when we are needed.

- We are obsessed with delivering projects on time, withing budget and with high quality results.

- We can offer you independent, honest feedback relating to feasibility, viability and associated risks.

- You will benefit from our deep understanding of both project management, and the hospitality industry.

Getting Davis Aniston Stallard to work with your organisation, will significantly increase your chances of a successful project - every time.

For a confidential, no obligation discussion around our services, get in touch with us here.

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